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Your Skin and Hair Will Say 'AHHH'



Earth Safe Insect Repellant  2oz


Designed to effectively repel insects with Natural Essential Oils and is safe for the skin and environment.


Directions: Rub between hands to melt. Apply as often as needed.


Ocean & Coral Reef Sunscreen  2oz


Our Ocean and Coral Reef Sunscreen contains a SPF of 30 and broad spectrum of UVA and UVB protection. Completely safe for coral reef and ocean inhabitants, it offers the best all-natural protection available. Our formulation is great for Adults and Children and 

contains a low odor.


Directions: For maximum protection, apply every 90 minutes for when swimming or sweating. Maximum protection up to 3 hours for dry outings.


Hair Wonder  4oz


Designed to moisturize, protect, repair and maintain the scalp, hair shaft and hair follicles.  The addition of Argan Oil leaves hair shiny and lustrous, Amla Oil increases hair growth and prevents premature graying, Bergamot strengthens the scalp and protects it from many scalp conditions. We add natural Waxes to lock in moisture and control hair styles. These items along with 20 or more natural ingredients are paraben, chemical, petroleum and preservative free, guaranteeing healthy hair and healthy scalp. 

Directions: Apply to scalp and hair as needed. Rub between hands to melt.


Pain Stop  4oz


Designed to give fast relief to sore and aching arthritic joints and sore muscles. It uses the penetrating effects of Tea Tree Oil to reduce swelling and Emu Oil for its anti-inflammatory properties. Combined with muscle oil, the warming sensation of ginger and the aromatic effect of Eucalyptus, long lasting mobility and pain relief is achieved.

Directions: With finger, place Pain Stop directly on affected area, then massage. Cover and rest area for about 15 minutes. Return to normal routine. 


Skin Armor  4oz


Designed to repair and protect the skin from the everyday ravages of life. Sun, wind, cold, makeup, aging, chemicals, pollutions, allergens and many other things that damage the skin. It is anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, fungicidal and promotes healing. Use Skin Armor with confidence that you're doing everything you can to protect your skin from natural and artificial damage.

Regimen: 5 daily applications a week and 2 daily applications with an everyday skincare, preferably something slightly astringent.

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