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Natures Soft Body Care product line was born of a need to provide safe, Natural Body and Hair Care management products for our children who were allergic to and had negative reactions to chemicals and additives included in commercial product lines. We start with 'Natures Wonder' (Shea Butter) and add other natural ingredients to enhance and strengthen Shea Butter's natural qualities, and created products lightly scented with fragrance and essential oils...and so was born, 'The Natural Way to Look Great Everyday'...brought to you by Natures Soft. 

The Shea Butter Institute states the following: Shea Butter protects, heals and improves skin better than any other single oil presently known. It improves symptoms from eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, dry and itching skin, skin deteriorated by sun, radiation and chemotherapy. It assists in the healing of skin poisons, such as poison ivy, sumac and oak. Shea Butter is also known to reduce pain in arthritic joints and aching or sore muscles and heals small wounds and cracks from dry skin. (Feet, elbows and nail area)

Does it work?? Look at all the big companines scrambling to add it to their products. Our products are all BASED in Shea Butter! Take a moment to think about that...

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